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Caldecotte Local Park. Caldecotte Local Play 2.
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In September 1982 excavations for Caldecotte Lake, Milton Keynes, reached Oxford clay. Lying on the exposed surface smeared with mud and jumbled together, a fossil skeleton was discovered.
The skeleton was that of a type of Ichthyosaur, an extinct creature that swam in a warm Jurassic Sea over 16,500,000 years ago. A relief of that creature now forms part of a children's play Area in caldecotte, based on a Jurassic theme.
Caldecotte Local Play 1 in plan. HOME PAGEPlan view of a diplodocus being attacked by Allosaurs, moulded into the earth-works. Individual bones were pre-cast in concrete off site and assembled after the earth shaping was complete. Slides, climbing frames and other items of equipment are incorporated into the earth works.
A play area, based around a 'Jurassic/ dinosaur theme was commissioned by Milton Keynes Development Corporation.
Leading community artist Bill Billings sculpted a series of bones & fossils in made up ground. The hub of the scheme is a full size (27M) diplodocus being attacked by several Allosurus. Subtler features such as relief fossils, ammonites & footprints are also incorporated throughout the play area.
Full size replica of Allosaur skull, by Bill Billings. Full size diplodocus (In backgound), by Bill Billings.
Ichthyosaur relife in concrete by Bill Billings.
Full sized Ichthyosaur relief in concrete by Bill Billings.
Hardworks by Burnham Landscapes, Daventry.
Many thanks to Archeologist Marion Blockley for her help & advice.
Commissioned by Milton Keynes Development Corporation.
Designed with Landscape Town & Country Ltd.

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